About Meningitis Now

Meningitis Now is a UK-based charity, who do fantastic work supporting families affected by meningitis, and also run campaigns to lobby government for more vaccinations, and fund research to help develop new vaccines. Here are a few facts to show you how your money could be spent:

  • £3 can pay for 100 symptoms cards to help people recognise the signs of meningitis
  • £50 can pay for 1 hour of bereavement counselling for someone who has lost a family member die of meningitis 
  • £800 can pay for a specialist laptop for a person left with severe after-effects of meningitis. Helping them to live independently and prevent isolation.
  • £1000 can provide vital lab equipment for research 
  • £2500 can pay for a family to adapt their garden so it is safe for their child to play oudoors. Children can be left with severe physical disabilities and these limit opportunities for them to play safely outdoors.

For more information, visit the Meningitis Now website.