Training Tips

We understand that not training for a marathon can be quite a daunting prospect. That's why we've put together a few training tips to help you along the way. So sit back, relax, and let the remote control do the work for you.


This training plan is 100% guaranteed to give you a Guaranteed Personal Best of 0 hours 0 mins 0 seconds in the No Way Marathon. Not bad at all for no effort whatsoever.


Some people say you should stick to a special diet when you're not doing any marathon training. For the No Way Marathon you can eat what you usually enjoy but we find the following particularly helpful for not doing any training:

  • Fried breakfast
  • Pub lunches
  • Cake (any type is fine)
  • Takeaway meal with a bottle of wine


You'll find that not training for a marathon is no more tiring than usual, but feel free to follow these tips:

  • Have a lie-in
  • Read the paper
  • Catch up with those boxsets you've been meaning to watch for ages
  • Afternoon nap

Let us know how not training is going!

We'd love to hear how not doing any training is going. Send us your advice, tips and lack of progress to!